Dainty Substrates

5kg Bales

We manufacture 4.5kg, 5kg bales from coco peat and coco chips. Our Bales are compressed as per customer specifications for grower to use easily which ensure it has final yield of more than 75 litres out of the 5 Kg Material.

Gerbera Disks

Our EC controlled and pH balanced Gerbera Disks have proved it success among our growers. Our specially buffered tanning free disks help to achieve healthy natural rooting in gerbera plants which results a healthy beautiful flowers.

Coir Pots

We manufacture wide range of coir Pots using coir and rubber. This is a eco friendly product which is commonly used by farmers for flower and horticultural applications.

Welcome to Dainty Substrates!

Dainty Substrates is the leading value added Sri Lankan coco substrates manufacturer and exporter. We manufacture Growbags, Gerbera disks, 5kg Bales, 25kg Bagger, Briquettes, Coir pots and many more. We cater for requirements of professional hydroponic growers all around the world. We are capable of producing customised products such as customised coco slabs, coco cubes, grow mats, and many more coco chips and coco peat products according to the greenhouse specifications.

Product Applications