Dainty Substrates


We produce bio degradable coir substrates for sustainable agriculture uses and it is applicable for the horticulture, floriculture, hydroponics, Silviculture, green houses and landscapes etc. We have as much as necessary capacity to produce high volume of substrates per month due to the availability of numerous high quality fibre mills close proximity to the processing centre and provides the continuous supply of raw material. Our well trained quality field team proceeds and goes through an incessant check for quality and hygienic factors before the product is sent to the customers.



Buffered (Treated chemically to reduce EC) and non buffered growbags are used to grow greenhouse tomato plants. According to recent statistics, growers have achieved more than 60kg of tomato per square metres using coco peat growbags.



Strawberry growers use our buffered low EC growbags to grow strawberry. We have specially developed growbags for strawberry growers to achieve maximum yield.



Most of the Paprika growers choose our standard peat growbags.



Most of the gerbera growers use our buffered gerbera disks. We have small, standard and large sizes to match different growing pots and requirements. We have specially buffered and tanning free disks for different requirements.



Cucumber growers choose standard growbags and they have delighted with our products.



Most of the rose growers use our mixed growbags to maximize their yields.



Orchid growers use our husk chips products. We have specially washed low EC husk chips products for orchid growers.

Our Products


Our grobags are manufactured according to the customer specifications and using high quality raw materials to provide maximum performance during the growing. We have wide range of Growbag products based on the Air and water requirement of the plants as well as other chemical requirements.

5kg Bales

We manufacture 4.5kg, 5kg bales from coco peat and coco chips. Our Bales are compressed as per customer specifications for grower to use easily which ensure it has final yield of more than 75 litres out of the 5 Kg Material. We can package according to customer specifications.

25kg Baggers

Soft compressed 25kg bales are available for various applications. Our products are been used for various applications such as filter media, gardening, landscaping and horticulture. We can load around 600 25kg Bales for a 40 high cubed container. Packing can be done according to the customer specifications.

Gerbera Disks

Our EC controlled and pH balanced Gerbera Disks have proved it success among our growers. Our specially buffered tanning free disks help to achieve healthy natural rooting in gerbera plants which results a healthy beautiful flowers.


This is about 650g and specially designed for retail customers for domestic applications. It comes with a handy package.

Easy Growing Bags

Some of our customers like Easy growing bags. This is a simple yet effective method for growers those who have basic green houses.

Coir Pots

We manufacture wide range of coir Pots using coir and rubber. This is a eco friendly product which is commonly used by farmers for flower and horticultural applications.

Weeds Mats

We manufacture wide range of Weeds Mats using coir and rubber. This is a eco friendly product which is commonly used by farmers for flower and horticultural applications.

Roof Tops Slabs

We manufacture wide range of slabs for roof tops. This is specially manufacture for eco friendly growers who use roof tops for growing.

Mini Greenhouse Slabs

We manufacture various slabs and mats for home base mini greenhouses. These slabs can be tailored as per your requirements.