Dainty Substrates

Our Standards

Dainty substrates is an emerging company which manufacture and export eco-friendly, Bio degradable coir substrates for sustainable agriculture uses and it is applicable for the horticulture, floriculture, hydroponics, Silviculture, green houses and landscapes etc. We have as much as necessary capacity to produce high volume of substrates per month due to the availability of numerous high quality fibre mills close proximity to the processing centre and provides the continuous supply of raw material. Our well trained quality field team proceeds and goes through an incessant check for quality and hygienic factors before the product is sent to the customers.

We have already registered is Sri Lanka legal institutes like central Environment authority to produce coir substrates and coir international council to export our quality products. We are strictly believe the team work effect and our dynamic young employees are capable and well trained in manufacturing and quality assurance process for our customer delight. Dainty substrates always focus to maintain their quality standards and product hygiene and seek to innovation of new products and value addition by introducing and implementing of technologies, modern quality assurance concepts and safety measures. Our ultimate aim is to provide cost effective, high quality coir substrates on time delivery to customers while maintaining our environmental sustainability and social accountability to make them more satisfy.

Sri Lankan Office
47,Isuru Uyana,
Sri Lanka.
Telephone: +94 755 0134 028
FAX: +94 755 0134 028
UK Office
Montana Gardens,
United Kingdom.
Telephone: +44 744 8440 444